Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On The Road

Well, I'm on the road! We're here in Arizona, enjoying our vacation. I guess I slept all the way from Kansas to Arizona. I visited the Grand Canyon! We will post some pictures soon. Oh my Gosh... I went to a Dog Park yesterday!!! It was soooo fun. I've never had so much fun in my whole life. I got there just as the Boston Terrier social was breaking up. Mom didn't get any pictures because I was moving too fast.

Hey! Guess what! My mom says I'm 5 months old now!!

Me at the Grand Canyon

Me enjoying the entire back seat to myself between Phoenix and Tucson

My Aunt, Abby I

Self Portrait. Don't tell Mom I was playing with her camera!

My friend Molly at the dog park. You can't really see her pretty pink harness. She was pretty tough.

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