Friday, February 06, 2009

Taking a break...

We lost Jack-Johnson this morning. He passed away in my Mama's arms with all of us around. We took care of him all night last night. Mama and us slept on the couch near his kennel. We got up and turned him and gave him water every 2 hours. We gave him pain medicine and adjusted the heater to keep him warm. Dr Koster thought he might do better at home while we were waiting to see if his leg could be saved. He was very quiet and tired at the clinic and Dr Koster thought he might be more comfortable at home.

He seemed to recognize that he was at home, but was still very uncomfortable and unhappy. He just got sleepier and sleepier during the night. Then Mama just felt like we needed to check on him, and he was breathing funny.

The really nice people from Pet Angel came out and picked him up. Dr Koster called and offered us comfort.

Mama has been crying a lot today, so we're going to take a break from our blog for a little while. It's been pretty hard on Mama and Daddy to lose 2 furkids in 2 weeks. It's been hard on us, too, since we've never known life without Sunny and Jack. Thank-you to those of you who have sent us prayers and good wishes.
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Bad Day for Jack-Johnson

Two nights ago my brother got home from work in the middle of the night. Sometimes Jack-Johnson likes to sneak out then. My brother was working on the computer when he heard Jack-Johnson screaming. He ran outside and saw that Jack was being attacked by what looked like two pointer-type hunting dogs. My brother beat the dogs off several times because they kept trying to come back. Jack couldn't move his back legs and had some boo-boos that were bleeding. My brother and my Mama took him to the Emergency Vet.

After a while, they called and said that Jack had no broken bones! Just torn muscles in his back end. My Daddy took him to Dr Koster yesterday. Dr Koster said he is doing better and actually trying to walk! He might get to come home today. I was so worried. We all just kissed his head and prodded him gently before he went to the Emergency Vet.

This is Taz and I waiting for news.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Other Mama, Sunny

Sunny Marie Smith 1997-2009

I don't feel like talking much today. My other Mama, Sunny, went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Mama says Sunny was 12 years old. She had been kinda tired lately, then she fell down Sunday night. Daddy took her to Dr. Koster yesterday and he said she had a really big tumor in her tummy. I don't know what a tumor is, but I miss Sunny.

She was my first doggie friend. When I came here as a little puppy, I really, really wanted to PLAY!! I had to bug Sunny ALOT, then she finally played with me. She also cleaned me sometimes. And she showed me where to go potty. Mama says she took me "under her paw."

Sunny's Daddy was a really goofy St Bernard named Argyle. Her Mama was a Rottweiler named Aspen. She has lived with my Mama and Daddy since she was 6 weeks old. Sunny was very strict with all of us, but she never harmed a fly. Mama says she was the "playground watcher" because she would watch us carefully when we played and rush in to break us up if she thought we were being too rough.

Sunny LOVED to eat. Just the other day, she stole part of a rack of ribs from my Daddy when he was bringing them in from the smoker!! She could also steal a burger patty RIGHT out from between the buns!! She was lucky, she didn't have to stand on her tippy toes to counter surf like I do.

I know Sunny is happily playing now with Buddy, Shelby and Stanley. But I miss her.
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Here is a video Mama found of us when I was just a few months old. I thought I was pretty tough, but now I realize that she was letting me win!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dreaming of Tucson

Mama, Olivia and I were feeling homesick for Tucson today. We found some pictures of when we used to go for long walks. The only time we didn't get to for a walk was when it was raining. Then we just waited for it to be over and went out and splashed in puddles.

Walking down this wash to get the the River Walk was Olivia's Mostest Favoritist part. That's because lots of little dogs with really long ears (Mama says they are called Rabbits ) lived there and would run really fast when they saw us. She would have LOVED to have been allowed to chase them. Once or twice there was water in our wash, so we had to go around.

We had to be careful, because sometimes there would be some wild dogs that Mama calls coyotes in the wash. They never bothered us. Mama said they wandered up through the big wash called the Re-EEE-tow (Mama says it's spelled Rillito) and took a wrong turn. I always hoped they found their way home.

Once we saw some people on a big, huge dog that Mama called a horse. It had really funny feet and smelled weird. I would hate it if people tried to ride on me.

Mama says this is a Walking Stick. It scared me at first cause it was really big. We found it one morning just hanging on the wall. Mama moved it up a little, and told me to "leave it alone." It wasn't really big enough to chew on, anyway.

This is me gazing in the dusk at my beautiful back yard in Tucson. I had green grass ALL THE TIME. And that tree made things called peaches one time. Olivia and I ate all the peaches that Mama picked off that tree when she wasn't looking. She was pretty steamed. She said it was a good thing we didn't eat the pits, which are the hard things that are like chew toys. She said they are poisonous for dogs. It's also possible that I am on patrol for bird invaders in this photo. I never caught one. But neither did Olivia.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's In-aww-grr-a-shun?

So my Mama and my sister were watching the TV this morning. Mama said it was "really important, be quiet." It was just some boring people getting in and out of cars and walking down steps and talking and singing and stuff. There were no dogs in the show. Mama said it was the in-aww-grrr-a-shun. Taz moaned and groaned like he always does, but I was quiet.

Then, he disappeared upstairs. Usually Mama calls him back or goes after him, cause he's ALWAYS getting in trouble, but today she was just watching the boring show and eating crackers.

Guess what he got into?

My brother said, "I was NOT eating cat poop! I don't know how that stuff got on my nose! Somebody's tryin ta get me in trouble again!" Then he had to get his face washed. Ha HA!
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm not the Pack Leader!!! Yeah!!!

Wow. I just realized a couple days ago that I don't have to be the Pack Leader!!!! That is a big load off my little, anxious shoulders. It's so cool to let Mama and Daddy be in charge. I feel like a new girl. I am relaxed and happy for the first time in months!!!
Here is the "No Dog Zone" that my Mama put on the floor. I'm totally OK with it, but Taz and Olivia are NOT. Taz tries to sneak in, one paw at a time, and Olivia tries to zoom in - or "fly under the radar" Mama says. They are just not as smart as me.

Our sissy and brother are supposed to be coming to visit. Where are they??? The game has already started! The snacks are already made!! Daddy says the Cards are "gonna open up a can" on the Eagles.
Sissy????? WHERE ARE YOU????
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