Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aja and Olivia

So, after Laverne, there was Olivia. Mom didn't get any pictures of her right away because she went to live with a family who thought they wanted to adopt her. Mom was so devastated that she rushed to the kennel and picked up Aja. Aja was THE MOST PLAYFUL GREYHOUND EVER!!! As soon as we were introduced in the yard, we played for an hour. She wasn't afraid of anything, and was game to try anything. She was very, very bossy, though. She really loved going to the dog park, and was never bad there.

She really did have her pick of several dog beds and other assorted furniture, but she preferred to hang out in the closet with a pillow.
Aja's talent was singing. Just about anything would get her going - then Oliva and I would join in. It was soooooo much fun. The neighbors thought we were really crazy!
Aja went to a forever home with a huge pitbull-labrador mix named Harley and his mom who was a school teacher. They had a HUGE backyard, and Harley agreed right away that Aja could be in charge of the whole family. They now live happily ever after in Tucson.

Here is a picture of Aja and Olivia. Olivia ended up coming back from her adoptive home after 2 weeks - much to my mom's utter relief. So...we had 2 hounds, me, my sister and my mom and my brother, Jovi all in a little apartment. It was actually pretty fun.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When I Was an Only Child

As you can see, I was very bored before I got my greyhound friends. I could often be found like this after a long day of watching soaps and drinking coffee. The remote was never far from my paw.

This is how I used to look after a couple of hours at the dog park.

My boredom was so great at times that I would play dress-up/house with my mom's stuff and Monkey.
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Monday, December 29, 2008


One more silly picture of Laverne. One day she decided to take the wig off one of my mom's dolls. I told her not to, but she did it any way. She took it to my mom when she got home and Mom took this picture. I think she looks like Goldielocks.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

When I was a Greyhound Foster-Sister

I wanted everybody to see my foster-sisters Aja and Laverne. Laverne was my first foster-sister. At first, I thought she was just my new play-thing. But pretty soon I realized that Laverne didn't even KNOW HOW to play!! Good thing she had an expert for a foster- sister. I had to hold her paw while she discovered things like TVs, dishwashers, and toilets.
Laverne was a really fast learner - she was very young and had never had to live the life of a race dog. She soon discovered that furniture was heavenly.
People on the couch made it even more of a challenging game. If you look carefully at the photo below, you can see the bottom and feet of a person who tried to get comfortable on Laverne's couch.

When she first met her Forever Family, the first thing she did was test out ALL the furniture in their beautifully furnished home. She found it to be suitable and lives there happily ever after. My mom still has some scratch marks from Laverne on her (at the time) new leather couch. Laverne would try to make the couch EXTRA comfy by "fluffing it up. " We think of Laverne whenever we see them.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow and Stuff and Merry Christmas

Ahh, winter in Kansas. We like the snow, but we hate not getting our daily walks like we did in Tucson. Mom says she needs to get Olivia an in-suu-late-ed coat. I don't know what that is, but I wish she would hurry up.

We thought my sister Olivia would HATE the winter weather, but she actually totally loves it. She played in the snow forever and had trouble hearing my mom and dad when they called her in! Maybe the cold shrinks her ears or something. Greyhounds are funny that way, I think.

My nephew Leo and neice Kira like the snow, too. That's me with the blue coat that my mom always makes me wear when it's cold. Yuk, like I'm a baby. We were eating snow. It tasted like cold water even though it looked like that stuff that mom puts on her pie.