Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Bad Day for Jack-Johnson

Two nights ago my brother got home from work in the middle of the night. Sometimes Jack-Johnson likes to sneak out then. My brother was working on the computer when he heard Jack-Johnson screaming. He ran outside and saw that Jack was being attacked by what looked like two pointer-type hunting dogs. My brother beat the dogs off several times because they kept trying to come back. Jack couldn't move his back legs and had some boo-boos that were bleeding. My brother and my Mama took him to the Emergency Vet.

After a while, they called and said that Jack had no broken bones! Just torn muscles in his back end. My Daddy took him to Dr Koster yesterday. Dr Koster said he is doing better and actually trying to walk! He might get to come home today. I was so worried. We all just kissed his head and prodded him gently before he went to the Emergency Vet.

This is Taz and I waiting for news.

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Fred said...

Oh my! Hope he is OK soon!