Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dreaming of Tucson

Mama, Olivia and I were feeling homesick for Tucson today. We found some pictures of when we used to go for long walks. The only time we didn't get to for a walk was when it was raining. Then we just waited for it to be over and went out and splashed in puddles.

Walking down this wash to get the the River Walk was Olivia's Mostest Favoritist part. That's because lots of little dogs with really long ears (Mama says they are called Rabbits ) lived there and would run really fast when they saw us. She would have LOVED to have been allowed to chase them. Once or twice there was water in our wash, so we had to go around.

We had to be careful, because sometimes there would be some wild dogs that Mama calls coyotes in the wash. They never bothered us. Mama said they wandered up through the big wash called the Re-EEE-tow (Mama says it's spelled Rillito) and took a wrong turn. I always hoped they found their way home.

Once we saw some people on a big, huge dog that Mama called a horse. It had really funny feet and smelled weird. I would hate it if people tried to ride on me.

Mama says this is a Walking Stick. It scared me at first cause it was really big. We found it one morning just hanging on the wall. Mama moved it up a little, and told me to "leave it alone." It wasn't really big enough to chew on, anyway.

This is me gazing in the dusk at my beautiful back yard in Tucson. I had green grass ALL THE TIME. And that tree made things called peaches one time. Olivia and I ate all the peaches that Mama picked off that tree when she wasn't looking. She was pretty steamed. She said it was a good thing we didn't eat the pits, which are the hard things that are like chew toys. She said they are poisonous for dogs. It's also possible that I am on patrol for bird invaders in this photo. I never caught one. But neither did Olivia.

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