Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's In-aww-grr-a-shun?

So my Mama and my sister were watching the TV this morning. Mama said it was "really important, be quiet." It was just some boring people getting in and out of cars and walking down steps and talking and singing and stuff. There were no dogs in the show. Mama said it was the in-aww-grrr-a-shun. Taz moaned and groaned like he always does, but I was quiet.

Then, he disappeared upstairs. Usually Mama calls him back or goes after him, cause he's ALWAYS getting in trouble, but today she was just watching the boring show and eating crackers.

Guess what he got into?

My brother said, "I was NOT eating cat poop! I don't know how that stuff got on my nose! Somebody's tryin ta get me in trouble again!" Then he had to get his face washed. Ha HA!
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The FOUR Musketeers said...

Abby ! Welcome to the DWB ! hope to be friedns with you & hope you make many more new friends ! Do link us up yeah (:

Loves & Smoochies ,
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