Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aja and Olivia

So, after Laverne, there was Olivia. Mom didn't get any pictures of her right away because she went to live with a family who thought they wanted to adopt her. Mom was so devastated that she rushed to the kennel and picked up Aja. Aja was THE MOST PLAYFUL GREYHOUND EVER!!! As soon as we were introduced in the yard, we played for an hour. She wasn't afraid of anything, and was game to try anything. She was very, very bossy, though. She really loved going to the dog park, and was never bad there.

She really did have her pick of several dog beds and other assorted furniture, but she preferred to hang out in the closet with a pillow.
Aja's talent was singing. Just about anything would get her going - then Oliva and I would join in. It was soooooo much fun. The neighbors thought we were really crazy!
Aja went to a forever home with a huge pitbull-labrador mix named Harley and his mom who was a school teacher. They had a HUGE backyard, and Harley agreed right away that Aja could be in charge of the whole family. They now live happily ever after in Tucson.

Here is a picture of Aja and Olivia. Olivia ended up coming back from her adoptive home after 2 weeks - much to my mom's utter relief. So...we had 2 hounds, me, my sister and my mom and my brother, Jovi all in a little apartment. It was actually pretty fun.
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