Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Doggie Nanny

So, my mama is always saying she's gonna call The Dog Whisperer on me when I'm bad. I'm not usually bad, just sometimes when we go for walks. But the other day, I was mean to my sister, Olivia. My mama says that I can't be allowed to do that again. She thinks I'm confused about who's the boss here. I AM confused, I really am.

She called Doggie Nanny 911. Her real name is Kathy and she is really nice. She smells good and has good things to eat in her pockets. You cannot BELIEVE how much I like doing things and getting treats. I showed her all the stuff I know how to do. She was impressed. She has a thing that makes a noise when I do something good.

So now we're not allowed in the place where the food gets made. They keep telling us "out'. I also have to sit and wait when Mama opens the door. I'm not allowed to stand on my Dad's lap and put my paws on his shoulders. They say this means I think I'm his boss.

I'll let you know how it's going.

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Cubby said...

Be nice to your sissy!