Friday, January 09, 2009

Update on Jack-Johnson

Mom says Jack-Johnson is doing fine. She says Dr Koster says he can come home this afternoon. YEAH!!!! Mom says he will have to eat different food from now on. I wonder if the litter box goodies will taste different now. Mom says his poop-box is NOT A BUFFET. Personally, I don't like it, but Taz does. He thinks he is being sneaky, but he has stuff all over his nose sometimes. What a tard.

My nephew, Leo, had surgery yesterday. He had com-pli-ka-shons. He has a diaper on. It's yellow with some bones on it. He came to stay with my mom for the day for ob-sir-va-shun.
Here I am nursing him back to health. Plus, a better view of his DIAPER!!!

My sister, Olivia, got her new collar from GreytEscape yesterday. Isn't it gorgeous ? It's totally HER. If you're looking for a comfortable tag collar at a great price (much less expensive than the pet store) try here...GreytEscapeAccessories
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